Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No eraser needed

The other day in my advertising class my professor gave every student a pencil and welcomed us to reminisce about these wooden writing objects that are near obsolete today. After throwing around thoughts about sharpening and designs on pencils, we started talking about erasing. And he said, "I bet there isn't one person in this class who wouldn't like to go back and erase at least one moment, or one mistake in their life..." The class sat in silence and I sat dumbfounded.

From a very early age, I understood the importance of living life without regret and self-forgiveness -- actually forgiveness in general. So I raised my hand without thinking in objection. He peered at me over the bridge of his nose and asked me if I was telling the truth. Well sure I was and I went on to explain that I love my life. I wouldn't change a thing because it all brought me to that moment in time. Even the terrible things that have happened to me or the terrible things I have done, I have never regretted because they are what formed me to be the person I am today. And ya know what? I may not be happy with my body or my hair or my teeth or my boobs or whatever but I love me. I love who I am and I would never want to be anybody else.

The class continued to sit in silence with their jaws on the floor because you weren't really supposed to have conflicting opinions with this prof. And he looked at me. And he looked at me.  And he looked at me. And then he did something I wasn't expecting as I braced myself for some brutal comeback. He responded saying that he applauds that kind of thinking.

This was one of my many recommitments to myself. I really and truly love who I have become, and this life that I have made no matter how frustrating it can be. The only person I need to make proud is me. The other truth of the matter is like image on the right says, you cannot look after something -- properly, appropriately, thoughtfully -- that you hate. I feel that most dieters and wanna-be-thin-ers fail because they lack that initial self love that is required to be successful. 

When I was thirteen or fourteen I preformed a little exorcism on myself. I was exorcizing all of the negative thoughts I had. I took a piece of paper and folded it in half, unfolded it and wrote all the things I loved about me and all the things I hated. Then I dipped the side of paper that listed what I loved in water. Next I lit the other side on fire. I sat on the patio watching my paper burn and I let go of all those things I hated. That day forward I struggled with my self, yes, but I also learned from my struggles and learned to love my flaws. I welcome you to try it. Try to force yourself to keep the number of things the same for each side and discover yourself.

Keeping in theme with advertising and making myself proud... I wanted to share this Nike ad. It is by far one of the most inspiring fitspo images to me floating around. I saw it a couple years ago when it came out but to this day it inspires me to just do it, make myself proud.

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