Friday, August 23, 2013

Goodbye fat chick, hello world.

Ya know how sometimes when you're reading the "about" section of a weightloss blogger they talk about the "aha" moment where they had to buy size x pants, or an awful picture was taken or they couldn't walk up a couple flights of stairs when the elevator was broken? Well, I kinda think that's rubbish. How could somebody let themselves go, gain an x amount of pounds and then one day wake up and think "Well shoot, I'm fat." I think that half the battle is your inner fat chick fighting everyday with your inner fit chick trying to break out. Your own little cricket chirping at you to put down that whatever it is and go for a run. People have turning points and breaking points when it comes to weight loss and if you wanna call those your aha moments that's fine. But I like to think of mine as a breaking point because now I have picked up the pieces and began to move on. Goodbye fat chick, hello world.

So, let's talk a little more about my moment. My turning point was this last weekend. My senior year at the University of Colorado Boulder was about to start as I dropped my little brother off to his freshman year of college in Seattle. The below photo was taken and I was horrified.

For the first minute I stared at my phone in disbelief, and then I blamed my mom for not cropping the photo appropriately. Passing the blame was much easier than accepting the truth and taking responsibility... I'm sure everyone can sympathize with that. I hardly ever wear shorts, and man was I glad this was probably the first time this summer I left the house with my vampire white legs out. And just like a switch I turned my brain onto pure weight loss mode. But here's my question or self reflection of the day. Why didn't I take a right turn after this photo from November 2012...

Or this photo from December 2013...

The answer? Because I wasn't ready. I'd hit my highest weight to date, but I wasn't ready to commit. I'm a little non-committal, and I have a hard time seeing something out. Heck, I couldn't even commit to a single major at CU. But that's ok, because my journey and this blog following it is going to be a two for one much like my degrees. I will blogging about my weight loss as well as my vegan and gluten free lifestyle.

So, I hope you join me for this crazy ride.