Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Choosing a plan.

I feel like I stumble around a bit with decisions that make me uncomfortable. Or I avoid them entirely. So far I haven't really had a plan to lose weight. At the start of summer, I laid out a meticulous diet plan which counted calories down to the number of protein calories. As you can probably guess, this didn't really work out like a lot of logging calories plans don't. I think on the third day I said screw it I'm just going to try to eat healthier. And that simple decision paid off. I started bribing myself. Every time I wanted something like chocolate I would drink an entire 32oz of water and only then could I have it if I still wanted it. Then at the start of school three weeks or so ago, I decided I'm going to start doing a little more cardio. I started biking to school and going on one walk a week, which right now seems like nothing but it's a start. However, even with the amounting stress from school, I have decided to start an actual weight loss plan.

The plan I chose is LiveFit, which is free and can be found on bodybuilding.com. So the reason why I chose this plan is because it offered not only a exercise plan but a nutrition and supplementation plan as well. It's a 3x3 plan, which means there's 3 phases (1 month each) with the 3 elements: diet, exercise, and supplementation. Now, I don't know about how valuable the supplements she is recommending, but I'm going to try and just go for it and use them -- provided I find vegan options. If anything, it will be like sugar pills that trick me into thinking I can do more, right? Plus, I already have a few that I have been meaning to add to my diet. I think I am actually going to add more supplements to my personal regime just because I am very concerned I have been lacking nutrients, etc. The second reason why I chose this plan was because the first month is solely focused on weight training.  So many other plans expect you to start weight training, running, doing yoga, and more straight from the get go, which is why people quit. The first month is going to ease me back into working out. The diet is pretty straight forward as well, and I even have a lot of options. Now, I know that everyone says if you decide to start doing something start ASAP, but with the craziness at home and at school this week I don't have time. It's a weird week. So I will start next week, and that buys me some time to set up my vegan diet and supplements and stuff. So this week I will continue my light cardio and next week I will begin. Check out the plan. I have full faith in myself and in the plan. Besides if it makes me look anymore like the beautiful creator of the plan... I'm in!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Find support. Find accountability.

Something my mom once told me was that people who tell everyone that they are going on a weight loss diet or whatever often do better than those who keep it a secret. At first I thought "ok I can understand that," but now I am a believer. Around May or the end of April, I went public with my private weight loss/fitness board on pinterest called "healthy fit motivated." I weighed about 215 then, and I'm happy to report that I am currently at 199.6. This is the first time that I have been under 200 other than when I had the flu and strep in about 2 years. Now 15 pounds isn't a whole lot especially considering how much I have to lose, but hey, I'm still freaking proud of myself because I'm actually doing something.

The key to finding success and motivation is finding an outlet that you will feel accountability for. I didn't want my 350 followers at the time who included people in my daily tangible life to think I was lazy and whatever. So, I made a few changes. Lost a little weight. And now I'm back for more. This blog is even more motivating for me because I don't want people to think I failed. However, at the end of the day I am doing this for me, and if you aren't fighting for yourself you will give up fighting. This goal of mine is really out there for everybody to know. Even though the weightloss sites like MyFitnessPal.com and LoseIt.com didn't work for me, they make work for you! So check em out and find what works for you. I've found that belonging to a forum site really does help when you have questions or concerns.

I needed to find a place where I was really the odd man out not just another 20 something girl who is unhappy with the extra weight. I needed a landing site where I could go and find tons of people who would actually be able to answer my questions about fitness, veganism, and whatever else. So what is my forum site? Don't laugh. And keep an open mind!

I know what your thinking... it may seem kind of crazy or weird, but honestly, this community is so knowledgable. I rediscovered this site when I was researching the vegan diet and how to get enough protein, etc. This site has tons and tons of members. Many members are personal trainers or have the knowledge of a personal trainer, and many of them really are there to help out, give and get support, etc. The reason why I favor this site beyond the forum is the way it sets up your "bodyspace" page. I love that it gives you the options to put in your body fat percentage, measurements, and even motivation level instead of just your current weight. But hey, don't take my word for it! Go check it out yourself. Oh and check me out while your there: MissSRT4. -MM

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No eraser needed

The other day in my advertising class my professor gave every student a pencil and welcomed us to reminisce about these wooden writing objects that are near obsolete today. After throwing around thoughts about sharpening and designs on pencils, we started talking about erasing. And he said, "I bet there isn't one person in this class who wouldn't like to go back and erase at least one moment, or one mistake in their life..." The class sat in silence and I sat dumbfounded.

From a very early age, I understood the importance of living life without regret and self-forgiveness -- actually forgiveness in general. So I raised my hand without thinking in objection. He peered at me over the bridge of his nose and asked me if I was telling the truth. Well sure I was and I went on to explain that I love my life. I wouldn't change a thing because it all brought me to that moment in time. Even the terrible things that have happened to me or the terrible things I have done, I have never regretted because they are what formed me to be the person I am today. And ya know what? I may not be happy with my body or my hair or my teeth or my boobs or whatever but I love me. I love who I am and I would never want to be anybody else.

The class continued to sit in silence with their jaws on the floor because you weren't really supposed to have conflicting opinions with this prof. And he looked at me. And he looked at me.  And he looked at me. And then he did something I wasn't expecting as I braced myself for some brutal comeback. He responded saying that he applauds that kind of thinking.

This was one of my many recommitments to myself. I really and truly love who I have become, and this life that I have made no matter how frustrating it can be. The only person I need to make proud is me. The other truth of the matter is like image on the right says, you cannot look after something -- properly, appropriately, thoughtfully -- that you hate. I feel that most dieters and wanna-be-thin-ers fail because they lack that initial self love that is required to be successful. 

When I was thirteen or fourteen I preformed a little exorcism on myself. I was exorcizing all of the negative thoughts I had. I took a piece of paper and folded it in half, unfolded it and wrote all the things I loved about me and all the things I hated. Then I dipped the side of paper that listed what I loved in water. Next I lit the other side on fire. I sat on the patio watching my paper burn and I let go of all those things I hated. That day forward I struggled with my self, yes, but I also learned from my struggles and learned to love my flaws. I welcome you to try it. Try to force yourself to keep the number of things the same for each side and discover yourself.

Keeping in theme with advertising and making myself proud... I wanted to share this Nike ad. It is by far one of the most inspiring fitspo images to me floating around. I saw it a couple years ago when it came out but to this day it inspires me to just do it, make myself proud.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Goodbye fat chick, hello world.

Ya know how sometimes when you're reading the "about" section of a weightloss blogger they talk about the "aha" moment where they had to buy size x pants, or an awful picture was taken or they couldn't walk up a couple flights of stairs when the elevator was broken? Well, I kinda think that's rubbish. How could somebody let themselves go, gain an x amount of pounds and then one day wake up and think "Well shoot, I'm fat." I think that half the battle is your inner fat chick fighting everyday with your inner fit chick trying to break out. Your own little cricket chirping at you to put down that whatever it is and go for a run. People have turning points and breaking points when it comes to weight loss and if you wanna call those your aha moments that's fine. But I like to think of mine as a breaking point because now I have picked up the pieces and began to move on. Goodbye fat chick, hello world.

So, let's talk a little more about my moment. My turning point was this last weekend. My senior year at the University of Colorado Boulder was about to start as I dropped my little brother off to his freshman year of college in Seattle. The below photo was taken and I was horrified.

For the first minute I stared at my phone in disbelief, and then I blamed my mom for not cropping the photo appropriately. Passing the blame was much easier than accepting the truth and taking responsibility... I'm sure everyone can sympathize with that. I hardly ever wear shorts, and man was I glad this was probably the first time this summer I left the house with my vampire white legs out. And just like a switch I turned my brain onto pure weight loss mode. But here's my question or self reflection of the day. Why didn't I take a right turn after this photo from November 2012...

Or this photo from December 2013...

The answer? Because I wasn't ready. I'd hit my highest weight to date, but I wasn't ready to commit. I'm a little non-committal, and I have a hard time seeing something out. Heck, I couldn't even commit to a single major at CU. But that's ok, because my journey and this blog following it is going to be a two for one much like my degrees. I will blogging about my weight loss as well as my vegan and gluten free lifestyle.

So, I hope you join me for this crazy ride.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Well hello there...

My name is Mandi...

Some people call me Amanda... Some friends call me Mans... Some gamers call me MissSRT4... Some family call me Moo... Some strangers call me Miss... You can call me M, but I'll answer to any of the above.