Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Choosing a plan.

I feel like I stumble around a bit with decisions that make me uncomfortable. Or I avoid them entirely. So far I haven't really had a plan to lose weight. At the start of summer, I laid out a meticulous diet plan which counted calories down to the number of protein calories. As you can probably guess, this didn't really work out like a lot of logging calories plans don't. I think on the third day I said screw it I'm just going to try to eat healthier. And that simple decision paid off. I started bribing myself. Every time I wanted something like chocolate I would drink an entire 32oz of water and only then could I have it if I still wanted it. Then at the start of school three weeks or so ago, I decided I'm going to start doing a little more cardio. I started biking to school and going on one walk a week, which right now seems like nothing but it's a start. However, even with the amounting stress from school, I have decided to start an actual weight loss plan.

The plan I chose is LiveFit, which is free and can be found on bodybuilding.com. So the reason why I chose this plan is because it offered not only a exercise plan but a nutrition and supplementation plan as well. It's a 3x3 plan, which means there's 3 phases (1 month each) with the 3 elements: diet, exercise, and supplementation. Now, I don't know about how valuable the supplements she is recommending, but I'm going to try and just go for it and use them -- provided I find vegan options. If anything, it will be like sugar pills that trick me into thinking I can do more, right? Plus, I already have a few that I have been meaning to add to my diet. I think I am actually going to add more supplements to my personal regime just because I am very concerned I have been lacking nutrients, etc. The second reason why I chose this plan was because the first month is solely focused on weight training.  So many other plans expect you to start weight training, running, doing yoga, and more straight from the get go, which is why people quit. The first month is going to ease me back into working out. The diet is pretty straight forward as well, and I even have a lot of options. Now, I know that everyone says if you decide to start doing something start ASAP, but with the craziness at home and at school this week I don't have time. It's a weird week. So I will start next week, and that buys me some time to set up my vegan diet and supplements and stuff. So this week I will continue my light cardio and next week I will begin. Check out the plan. I have full faith in myself and in the plan. Besides if it makes me look anymore like the beautiful creator of the plan... I'm in!